Your Personal Feng Shui for at home or abroad!

Caution: Only for iPhone 3GS, 4G and iPad.
This application uses the compass of the iPhone. Therefore, it needs the model 3GS, 4G and iPad and can not be used on older devices (iPhone 2G and 3G).

The internationally renowned Qi-Mag Feng Shui and TAO geomancy Grand Master and health expert Dr Jes TY Lim knows in a unique way how to combine ancient Taoist knowledge with the new technological time and the western culture. With the application, “Grandmaster Dr. Jes TY Lim: Your Personal Feng Shui for at home or abroad!” 3GS for iPhone provides you with Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim a quick but detailed overview of the ancient knowledge transferred to the present day and offers you the opportunity to apply the essences thereof in an incredibly simple manner.

This iPhone application does, on the basis of your personal data and the floor plan of your home / your apartment, complex calculations and shows you personalized information:
• Your personal Trigram and its meaning
• The animal sign and element of your year of birth
• Whether you belong to the western or eastern group
• The meaning of the 8 cardinal points, projected onto your floor plan and easy tips for decorating and colour coordinating rooms and spaces
• Your personal very strong and weak areas within your home, or apartment, and easy tips on how to compensate weak areas
• A very special feature: In the compass mode you are given a 360º panoramic view, your 24 energy directions for your optimal bed and view alignment within your floor plan. It can, however, also be used independently when you are out and about, e.g. in a hotel, the office or travelling!

“Grandmaster Dr Jes T.Y. Lim: Your personal Feng Shui for at home or abroad!” enables you, without previous skills being required, to use the thousand-year-old force of the Chinese science of Feng Shui for your personal wellbeing. It is coherently formulated, easy to use and features practical tips.

An overview of functions and areas:

Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim
• Information on the Grandmaster Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim

Feng Shui Knowledge
• The eight areas of investigation.
• Yin and Yang factors in humans and in Feng Shui.
• The landscape pattern of the four animals.
• The principle of the five elements.
• The meanings of the cardinal points.
• The twelve Chinese animals.
• The heart point.

My Feng Shui
• Enter your personal details and use the three configurable profiles.
• Discover your personal trigram, the animal sign and element of your year of birth and the meaning.
• Draw or photograph the floor plan of your apartment/house.
• Discover how to compensate for missing sections.
• Align your floor plan with the help of the compass.
• Discover the directions and meanings of your apartment/house.
• Decorate your home ideally with regard to energy and use the right colours to intensify the flow of energy.
• Discover whether you belong to the eastern or western group and what this means for you.
• Discover which areas of your house/apartment are particularly suitable for relaxing in for you.
• Use the 360º panoramic view available in the compass mode to see exactly which effect the 24 energy directions have on you, and select your personal view and sleeping directions accordingly.
• Discover how, with the best bedroom layout, you can maintain and intensify your wellbeing and health.